Dissertations and  Theses


Supervising Masters Dissertation

  1. Shapoori, Soodabeh. (2000). An investigation into the subject searching behavior of users of FUM Library OPAC. Identification of information needs of high school students in Mashhad, Iran.
  2. Abassi, Zohreh. (2000). A survey of librarians’ satisfaction at Ferdowsi University Libraries.
  3. Amin-Dehghan, Nasrin. (2002). A bibliotherapic approach to the analysis of stories for children.
  4. Esfandiari-Moghadam. A. (2005). An investigation into the overlapping and ranking of information retrievals in metasearch engines with search engines underlying them.    
  5. Delghandi, Faezeh. (2005). An analysis of hyperlinks in academic library websites.
  6. Khatamianfar, Parisa. (2007). Knowledge sharing requirements of public libraries, with special focus on the Library of Astaneh Qdseh Razavi.
  7. Mirhosseini, Nahidbeigom. (2007). An investigation into the extent to which Descriptive Evaluation Project in elementary education system takes into consideration the role of libraries in the educational development of children.
  8. Ahmadi, Shokrieh. (2009). An investigation into the efficiency and efficacy of LIS Discussion Group from its members' perspective.
  9. Naderi, Ramin. (2010). Analysis of Children’s Websites from Piaget’s Cognitive Development Theory Perspective: The Concrete Operational Stage.
  10. Hosseini, Vajiheh. (2010). Content analysis of information sources capable to answer research questions in guidance and high schools textbooks.
  11. Zahedi Nooghabi, M. (2011). A Study of Institutional Repository of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM), and its Compatibility with Scientific Criteria.
  12. Fazeli, Negar. (2011). An Investigation into secondary and high school librarians' educational needs in using information literacy in the teaching-learning process.
  13. RangAmiz Toosi, Safieh. (2013). Investigating the ability of children's websites to develop their information literacy skills.
  14. Khosravi, Reza. (2013). Investigating the Efficiency of Online Helps Designed According to VAC Learning Model on Improving the Usability of Research Information System (RIS) of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad for Academics.      
  15. Ilkhani, Maliheh. (2014). A Survey on the Infrastructures and Skills Necessary to Establish Electronic Reference Services at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad      M.Sc.    
  16. Karbasi, Arezoo. (2014). Pathology of Children's illustrated Market Stories Book.
  17. Ghaderi, Bahar. (2016). The Capability of stories with bibliotherpy approach in the cognitive development of children in age groups "B" and "C" based on the theory of emotional rational behavior therapy (REBT) and discourse analysis of children's views about the elements of this theory in stories.
  18. Refahi Komsari, Zeinab. (2018). An Investigation into the Capability of Ancient Persian Literature in Enhancing Philosophical Thinking in Children (A Case Study of Marzban-nameh)      
  19. Rahimi, Najmeh. (2019). Content analysis of storybooks suitable for children with ADHD in age groups "A", "B" to teach executive actions based on Barklay’s Extended Theory of Executive Functions            

Supervising PhD theses

  1. Abassi, Zohreh. (2009). Identifying the organizational culture pattern governing central university libraries and assessing the extent to which the necessary conditions are provided for the implementation of knowledge management.
  2. Akhshik, Somayeh. (2015). Analysis of Factors Affecting on the Planned Change in Centeral Library of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad based on Lewin's Field Theory, Knowledge Stickiness and Unlearning      
  3. Kafashan,  Mojtaba. (2014). The Measurement of the Alignment of Knowledge Management (KM) Strategies in Central Libraries with Universities Strategies and its Impact on KM Implementation
  4. Aseman Dorreh, Yaser. (2019). Investigating into the stories ability to resolve conflict between managers. Unpublished doctoral thesis, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics. (in process)



Supervising Masters Dissertation